Crystal Horn Tweeters

JohnBlue is launching a whole new Horn Super Tweeter in 2012. With a wider frequency range displaying more details, the Horn Super Tweeter offers crystal-clear sound quality with perfect linear frequency response curve.
The entire unit of super tweeter is made of 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy from the turning process using the quality of carbon fibre similar to those used on Lamborghinis. Each super tweeter weighs 3.9 kg.

The biggest problem of super tweeter that comes with specific horn speakers (e.g. Altec/JBL/TAD) is the midrange driver’s high efficiency ranging from as high as 110-118dB/W. Matching a super tweeter to such a high efficiency level can be difficult. High end users often attempt to attenuate the efficiency level by decreasing the sensitivity of the midrange driver. However, the resulting sound is not quite pleasant to the ears.

Based on this, we know the problem lies with the compatibility of sensitivity, and a super tweeter requires a sound pressure of at least 110dB/1w in order to accommodate speakers with 15” bass drivers. This is the only way for users to enjoy the ambiance created by the ultra high performance of super tweeters. If the sensitivity and efficiency of the super tweeter is too low, you will never be able to enjoy the high frequency sound.

For most super tweeters on the market, users are often suggested to use frame resistance to attenuate the sensitivity and efficiency. However, frame resistance has a detrimental effect to the sound. There are many good capacitors in the world, each with its own unique characteristics of sound style. You can try different brand capacitors to see what they do to the sound. Our crystal super tweeter uses effective capacitance to divide frequency and adjust the volume or level into six (6) levels - 0.22/0.33/0.47/1.0/2.2/3.3. If six levels still cannot satisfy your speakers, don’t worry, more capacitors can be connected in series to the positive binding post to adjust the speakers to the desired capacitance.

How to determine the capacitance in series?

Prior to shipment, each pair of our super tweeter undergoes a matching process along. A Certificate of Spectrogram is included with the shipment as proof of the factory.
The super tweeter is packaged in a 007 aluminum briefcase.

Impedance : 8 ohm
S.P.L. : 110 dB/W
Music Power : 60 W
Recommended Cross-over Frequency : more than 3kHz
Dimensions H  x D : 122mm x 112mm
Reproduction Frequency Response : 3KHz – 25KHz
Weight : 7.8 kg/pair

Price: 3000 USD / pair

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Horn Super Tweeters

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