The One

THE ONE Celebrating the 10th Year of JohnBlue Audio: Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

JohnBlue has designed and manufactured classic speaker models in a decade such as JB3 and JB3F full-range speakers.There is no instant magic to produce speakers, time, passion and experience are general elements. Founder Tommy Wu trusts timing and technology are matured enough to start design and manufacture a
large flagship floorstanding 3-way speaker model - THE ONE.

The Devil is in the Details
The most common challenge making 3-way loudspeakers is the interference of all audio frequencies. THE ONE is carefully designed the box interior by separating drivers into three individual boxes then assemble all boxes as one cabinet.Box material is made from standard MDF because in particular it provides an enhanced resonance and is easy to adopt the sub-tropical climate like Taiwan. THE ONE also offers variety choices of desirable tweeter materials featuring clients’ need: the soft dome tweeter, the beryllium tweeter, the ring radiator, or the diamond tweeter. Other than that, it can be custom made by any types of preferred material. Driver networks indeed are adjustable depends on the chosen material.

Some may question the soft dome tweeter may sound too smooth, however the purpose of this original design is not to emphasise the high frequency but to expend the lower wave in high frequency margin to reproduce a balanced sound with middle frequency, in another word, characteristics yes, but not too much!

Considering not all listening rooms are dedicated to only listening to music and comes different shapes and sizes, standing wave exists and unavoidable. To minimise the To employ crossover networks for loudspeaker which is using multiple drivers to route the appropriate frequency range into each drivers is a delicate technic. While we are hoping to create an “ideal speaker” with frequency between 20Hz -20kHz and urge the depth and width of sound, if, theoretically drivers achieve a certain quality and supporting by a well-designed 3-way crossover network, the speaker will reproduce a unified, harmonious sound from the entire component system.
The two upper boxes are adjustable to change frequency response, this is to accommodate different listening surroundings. For smaller rooms, boxes may tilt up or down pointing directly to listener’s ears in the listening position; in opposite if room is larger, tilt slightly to project a more precise directional distance towards the listening position.


If you ever see this big, rigid piano-black speaker, please don’t think it’s a rough roaring monster. Make a pause, feel the dense and detailed sound, it will bring you a new look of many other floorstanding speakers.

Efficiency : 86
Impedance : 8
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