In the past few years the acoustic performance of JB3 bookshelf speaker has been recognized by users al around the world.  The delicate exterior and sound and dynamics rich in rhythm have amazed hardcore audio players.  Now it is a must-have on their desks. 

In light of this, TOMMY the design decided to launch the more powerful generation 2, the JB3F MK2, in 2013, where F means falling on the ground.  The system is equipped with 2nd generation driver, new generation moving system and powerful magnets.  The combination with breathing speakers makes the audio quality better than its predecessor. 

The glamorous look of JB3 MK1 is carried over.  The body of wood speaker case is applied with polyester resin polished for more than 20 times.  The finishing is so bright that you can see your face on it.  In fact many products in the market are painted with PU coating of lacquer, which is what people call the “piano finishing.”  The best way to tell is to put out a cigarette butt on it.  The real piano finishing does not scratch a bit, but there will be a scar on lacquer or PU coating.   

The dimension of JB3F MK2 is 120MM W x 190MM D x750MM H.  MK2 features stylish look, high performance and ease to be driven by any amp.  A simple one-ended 5W vacuum tube amp will make the unit perform heavenly.  MK2 is also perfect to be combined with LCD TV incorporated as part of home decoration for its stylish look. 

One may ask what the difference between JB3F MK3 and JB3 is.  First of all the drivers are different, and that is why we have different driver frame to distinguish.  JB3F MK2 performs better than JB3 in terms of dynamics and bandwidth and the details in tweeting is richer and more accurate.  MK2. Combined with the new design of speaker case, performs like a guitar with outstanding resonance.  It feels just like breathing. 


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Efficiency : 88
Impedance : 6
Max power : 30
Dimensions H x W x D : 780mm X 130MM X 190MM
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